Running Is Fun On The Yellow Brick Road

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tour chùa yên tử Temple Run tour chùa yên tử Oz (<a website | <a website is another movie-themed version of the mega-popular running game, but just like Temple Run Brave, the developers managed to add enough original content to make it worth your money.

In Temple Run Oz, you play as Oz while attempting to outrun the evil flying baboons from "Oz the Great and Powerful." Like Temple Run 2, you'll need to swipe to jump, turn, and slide under obstacles and you can tilt to move Oz from side to side on the path. But with this themed remake, the scenery has been completely redesigned to fit in with the movie, and there are new game elements you'll have to tackle in order to survive as long as possible. In other words, you're not just getting an older game with a new "skin"; Temple Run Oz uses the same core gameplay, but adds plenty to make the game unique on its own.